The "Beginner" course is the basic module for a successful learning of the kitesport.
For this reason we created a professional training system for you. Apart from the conventional practical training you will also be taught theoretical knowledge such as aerodynamics, meteorology and guidelines you should be familiar with in order to make you a responsible and safe kitesurfer.

Professional training system

  • The "Windwindow" model is the most important tool at the beginner course. It shows us 3 dimensional where we are located and in witch area the kite can fly.
  • Through the use of latest radio helmets the instructor is always in contact with you and able to give you any time useful advices.

Training system:

  • B 1 Landsession

    • The "Windwindow Model", learn DVD (VDWS)
    • Equipment: Bar, lines, set up of a kite (4-5 lines)
    • Safety: quick release system’s (chicken loop, safety leach)
  • B 2 Watersession

    • Fly traning 1, from the boat first kitecontrol
    • Bodydrag, learn the power of the kite
    • Starting and landing of the kite
  • B 3 Watersession

    • Theory: rules on the water, waterstart, riding technique, aerodynamic
    • Up – wind Bodydrag to reach the Board
    • Waterstart first (10 till 50 ) meter riding and stoping
  • B 4 Watersession

    • Keep the high, riding upwind and downwind
    • Simple jibe, tram jibe
    • Riding on the board (stance, positioning of the kite)

Optimaal materiaal, gekwalificeerde instructeurs met internationaal diploma, te gekke spots aan en op het Gardameer. Kitesegana biedt steeds het nieuwste: kom en beleef de adrenaline....


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