You are already a fanatic kiter? Try our lift service! We bring you comfortable directly on the water and you can go and have fun! The service includes:

  • start by kite boat of each center directly on the water
  • Wing inflation with compressor
  • We pick you up in the water and bring you back on land

Please note: to practice the lift at the KiteSegnana is recommended an insurance cover for damage to third parties and for own injuries. We will not share possible damages you caused.

Prepare your material like this: connect the line (check that they are free from knots.) Arm by kite leash and always check the functionality of the quick release of emergency. Prepare by wrapping the lines around the bar and lock it. Roll up the kite and put the bar in the kite.

Required for the Lift Service:

  • the use of life jacket.
  • the use of the helmet (with leash table).
  • you should bring your phone in sealed wtertight envelope,
    in case of emergency.
  • card of level recognition is required (IKO-FISN-VDWS)

DEPARTURE: The staff on the boat will help you to carry the cables from the bar dropped in water while the boat is kept on the upwind move. Meanwhile the leading edge will be inflated with the compressor. Do not hook in the harness until you have verified that the lines are free of knots and properly hooked. Once hooked, plunge into the water and wait for the means of support that raises the sails or you proceed to re-launch. The lift will be considered done after the first entry into water. If you want to take the opportunity to try the excellent RRD equipment , you can use the rental + lift service. Easier than that …

For more information or a reservation for the Kite Lift, give us a call: + 39 338 8989566

Secondo Giorno Kite….Nuova Garda-kite Segnana


Pubblicato da Nuova Garda Mattia Thomas su Sabato 10 maggio 2014

Optimaal materiaal, gekwalificeerde instructeurs met internationaal diploma, te gekke spots aan en op het Gardameer. Kitesegana biedt steeds het nieuwste: kom en beleef de adrenaline....


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