Who we are

“Kitesegnana” belongs to the famous “Segnana group” at the North part of the lake garda. The name comes from Marco Segnana, who opened more than 35 years ago one of the first watersport centers at lago di garda. At the begin of 2010 the kiteschool started, every year it’s getting bigger, now there are 3 center: the main center at Torbole and 2 at Limone ( Hotel Pier and Villa Romantica).

Mirco Genco

Mirco is the “founder” of “Kitesegnana” and originally he comes from Sicily and came to the Gardalake about 20 years. After 15 years of windsurf instructor to centre manager, he started in 2010, in collaboration with Segnana, a new challenge: the professional kiteboardingschool KiteSegnana.

Nationality: Italy
Age: a good-age
Kiteboarder sice: 2008
Kite boarder since: 2008
VDWS kite instructor since: 2010
VDWS member
Hobby’s: kite surfing, driving his motorbike, windsurfing, skiing (during winter a professional ski instructor).
This will people say about him: offers a smile to everyone, for any problem there is a solution and without a morning coffee nothing will start.

Marco Segnana

Marco laid the first foundation stone of the whole Segnana watersport centres and can proudly look back for his more than 35 years of history and experience. Together with Mirco he started in 2010 the Kite Center and became a passionate kite boarder as well.

Nationality: Italian
Age: top secret
Kite boarder since: 2008
Hobby’s: bike & motor cross, windsurfing, kite boarding
This people say about him: He is a real Italian, enjoys his life and tries to be on the water every possible minute.

Optimaal materiaal, gekwalificeerde instructeurs met internationaal diploma, te gekke spots aan en op het Gardameer. Kitesegana biedt steeds het nieuwste: kom en beleef de adrenaline....


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